Virtual Fall/Winter Forum 2022-2023

NJAPA is happy to offer a virtual webinar forum to obtain continuing education.  The forum portal will be open from November 21, 2022 through January 31, 2023.  NCCAP Pre-Approval # pending for 5.25 Ce’s. 

Please click on the link for registration to view our Fall Virtual Forum.  Once you have registered, paid the fee (and your membership status is confirmed, if applicable) you will receive further details to begin the webinar.  Evaluations and session questions must completed at the end of the program. Once this is submitted you should receive your CEU certificate within 2 weeks. Any questions please email

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Speaker: Bryan Rife, ADC/EDU Title: Empathy, sympathy and compassion in healthcare: Is there a problem? Is there a difference? Does it matter? 1.25 CE

Empathy, sympathy and compassion are defined and conceptualized in many different ways. This conceptual and semantic confusion has practical implications for clinical practice, research and medical education. In this session participants will get a better understanding of each one, be able to know the difference and why each matters.

Speaker: Peter J. Illig, NCCAP CEO Title: COVID and the Older Healthcare Worker 1.25 CE

This presentation highlights the disproportionate impact of the COVID pandemic upon older healthcare workers, a majority of whom are female. We will look at the rights of healthcare workers in light of the rights of residents, and explore the challenges of trying to respect and support each side of the long-term care equation.

Speaker: Bryan Rife, ADC/EDU Title: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace 1.25 CE

Conflict causes decided tension in the workplace and often produces poor professional outcomes.  There are 4 general sources for interpersonal conflict: personal differences, informational deficiency, role incompatibility, and environmental stress. There are 5 common responses used in dealing with conflict: forcing, accommodating, avoiding, compromising, and collaborating. In this session, attendees will get better understanding of the sources of conflict and be provided with the necessary tools to respond to them.

Speaker: Pat Griffith, Tai Chi Chuan certified instructor, Founder of Chair Chi Title: Chair Chi: Seated Tai Chi for the movement impaired populations- 1.5 CE

Chair Chi is a gentle exercise program developed by Pat Griffith to help people receive the benefits of traditional Tai Chi Chuan in the comfort and safety of their chair.  This allows people who cannot stand or do not feel confident with their balance, to participate. After completion of this session the participant will be able to demonstrate some of the warm up and cool down (Chi Gung) exercises, as well as, breathing, massage and stretching techniques of Chair Chi. Also, the participants will know why these exercises are beneficial for the senior population. Lastly, they will learn the Chair Chi form.

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