Activity Professionals Definition

Activity Professionals are those who provide and enhance quality of life and leisure experiences in aging and health services, including retirement communities, nursing homes, senior centers, adult day programs or in a healthcare setting for people of all ages. Activity Professionals include Activity Directors, Activity Assistants, Activity Aides or Activity Consultants and may have different titles depending on the setting and the community and its culture.

Also depending on the setting and the community, the tasks and responsibilities vary widely. The one thing that unites all Activity Professionals is that they play a key role in making a difference in the quality and dignity of the lives of those they are serving. All Activity Processionals need to be adaptable to the ever-changing needs, interests, demands and strengths of the residents they serve. The programs and activities we provide as professionals must also be adaptable.

To develop working relationships with allied professional groups, consumer organizations, regulatory agencies and provide representatives, in order to enhance and promote quality service.


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