Activity Planning Guide Professional Weeks/Special Days/Awareness Month

2022 Activity Professionals Planning Guide


May 6-12: National Nurse’s Week

May 1-7: Be Kind to Animals Week, National Family Week, National Pet Week

May 2-6: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 8-14: National Police Week

May 9-13: National Etiquette Week

May 9-15: National Stuttering Awareness Week

May 15-21: International New Friends, Old Friends Week; National Transportation Week

May is:

Older Americans Month

Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asthma Awareness Month

Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Haitian Heritage Month

Jewish American Heritage Month

National Allergy/Asthma Awareness Month

National Arthritis Awareness Month

National Barbecue Month

National Bike Month

National Foster Care Month

National Hamburger Month

National Hepatitis Awareness Month

National Meditation Month

National Military Appreciation Month

National Osteoporosis Month

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Women’s Health Care Month

May Special Days:

May 1: May Day, Mother Goose Day

May 4: International Respect or Chickens Day; Star Wars Day

May 5: African World Heritage Day; Cinco de Mayo; National Day of Prayer; National Day of Reason; World Asthma Day

May 6: Military Spouse Appreciation Day; No Diet Day

May 7: Cystinosis Awareness Day; Kentucky Derby Day; National Fitness Day; National Train Day

May 8: Mother’s Day’ No Socks Day; V-E Day

May 10: World Lupus Day

May 11: Eat What You Want Day; National Nightshift Workers Day; National Receptionists Day; National School Nurse Day; National Third Shift Workers Day

May12: Florence Nightingale Birth Anniversary

May 13: Blame Someone Else Day; National Hummus Day

May 14: International Migratory Bird Day; Stay Up All Night Night; Underground American Day

May 15: National Slider Day; Peace Officer Memorial Day; Ride a Unicycle Day

May 16: International Day of Light

May 19: Visit Your Relatives Day

May 20: Endangered Species Day; International Virtual Assistants Day; National Bike to Work Day; National Pizza Party Day; Weights and Measures Day

May 21: Armed Forces Day; Preakness Stakes; United Nations International Tea Day

May 22: National Maritime Day

May 23: Victoria Day, Canada

May 24: Brother’s Day

May 29: Indianapolis 500-Mile Race; National Alligator Day; International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers

May 30: Memorial Day

May 31: World No-Tobacco Day; What You Think Upon Grows Day

To develop working relationships with allied professional groups, consumer organizations, regulatory agencies and provide representatives, in order to enhance and promote quality service.


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