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March 30, 2016
NJAPA Salary Survey 2016

We will update this survey with more details soon. Please check back soon.

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March 4, 2013
NJAPA Salary Survey 2013


by Kevin Bassinder, ADC/EDU/MC/ALF, CRmT

The 2013 Salary Survey was conducted at the annual spring NJAPA Convention.

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September 16, 2010


NJAPA Salary Survey 2010
by Robert J. Smaldore, ACC

The 2010 Salary Survey was conducted at the annual spring NJAPA Convention.

View Results 2010 Salary Survey.

May 4, 2007
NJAPA Salary Survey 2007
by Robert J. Smaldore, ACC


The Long Range Planning Committee conducted our 2007 Salary Survey during this spring annual NJAPA convention. The form was changed to make it much easier for everyone to read. We are pleased to show that we are showing increases in our salaries.We are pleased to offer to our members the 2007 salary survey results.

View Results 2007 Salary Survey.

Spring 2005
NJAPA Salary Survey 2005
by Robert J. Smaldore, ACC


As we did three years ago (as well as in the year 2000), during this spring’s annual NJAPA convention The Long Range Planning Committee conducted a salary survey. We are again pleased to offer to our members the all-important “hard numbers” that resulted from the survey, and review, at the end of the figures, some important points to consider.
View Results 2005 Salary Survey.


NJAPA Salary Survey 2002
by Robert J. Smaldore, ACC
View Results 2002 Salary Survey.

NJAPA SALARY Survey 2002

It has been noted that many nursing homes cite low staffing, especially on the weekends. This also applies to the Activity Department. Weekend activities have been a focus of family members and of course the residents themselves, stating that there are not enough activities on the weekends. Usually there is only one staff person to provide activities for the entire resident population. Activity Directors struggle with this ever enduring problem.

In a recent survey finding
COMMENTS: Not enough activity being offered to meet the residents’ needs. Supplies not being utilized by the staff (other than activity staff). Complaints by family and residents. Individual resident’s assessments, no team effort to meet low-functioning residents’ needs. The need for in-servicing all staff on how to implement activities for one to one. Interventions to reduce anxiety and stress of the low-functioning resident. – These are only a few examples of the citations that were received.
In conclusion, be aware of what a surveyor will now be focusing on – Weekend Activities.

Sharon (Walters) Kelly, Legislation Chair

To develop working relationships with allied professional groups, consumer organizations, regulatory agencies and provide representatives, in order to enhance and promote quality service.


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