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Time Period Event
Human Resources Month
18 Maintenance Day
22-28 National Activity Professionals’ Week


Time Period Activity
Recreational Therapy / Therapeutic Recreation Month
6-10 Pride In Food Service Week
Sponsor: Assoc. of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals


Time Period Activity
National Professional Social Work Month
5-11 CANADA: Activity Professionals’ Awareness Week
Sponsor: Activity Professionals of Ontario
8 Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day
10 Employees Appreciation Day
12-18 Long Term Care Administrators’ Week
20 National Day of Recognition for Long Term Care Physicians
26-4/1 Health Information Professionals’ Week
Recognizes medical records dept.


Time Period Activity
National Occupational Therapy Month
National Healthcare Access Personnel Week
Recognizes admissions & registration staff
23-29 Administrative Professionals’ Week
23-29 National Volunteer Week
30 Hairstylist Appreciation Day


Time Period Activity
6-12 National Nurses’ Week
7-13 National Hospital Week
8-14 CANADA: National Nursing Week
9 Nurses Assessment Coordination Day
10 National Receptionists’ Day
10 National Third Shift Workers’ Day
14-20 Homes for the Aging Week
14-20 National Nursing Home Week


Time Period Activity
6 National Health Care Recruiter Recognition Day
15 Career Nursing Assistant’s Day
15-22 National Nursing Assistants’ Week


Time Period Activity
9-15 National Laundry Worker’s Week


Time Period Activity
23 Health Unit Coordinator Day


Time Period Activity
National Senior Center Month
4-10 Mental Health Workers’ Week
10-16 International Housekeepers’ Week
10-16 National Assisted Living Week
17-23 National Adult Day Services Week
17-23 National Rehab. Awareness Celebration


Time Period Activity
American Pharmacists Month
CANADA: National Occupational Therapy Month
National Nursing Home Residents’ Rights Month
National Physical Therapy Month
1-7 Licensed Practical Nurses’ Week
2-8 National Healthcare Foodservice Workers’ Week (TM)
Sponsor: Assoc. for Healthcare Foodservice
15-21 National Healthcare Quality Week
12-21 National Patient Account Management Week
16 National Boss Day
22-28 International Pastoral Care Week
Recognizes pastoral caregivers, chaplains, and rabbis


Time Period Activity
National Family Caregivers Month
National Home Care Month
National Hospice Month
5 International Volunteer Managers’ Day
5-11 National Radiologic Technology Week
12-18 National Home Care Aide Week


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To develop working relationships with allied professional groups, consumer organizations, regulatory agencies and provide representatives, in order to enhance and promote quality service.


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